South Valley and Allen Creek Fire Updates

Allen Creek Fire

This morning firefighters on the Allen Creek Fire are reporting 100% containment for the fire.  Yesterday crews focused on finding and extinguishing heat and flames adjacent to the fireline to keep the fire inside the existing perimeter.  In many areas they were able to mop-up more than 100 feet into the interior of the fire.  With a forecast of increasing heat, this week fire managers are focusing efforts on the fire to ensure that the fire will not rekindle or move outside containment lines.

South Valley Fire

Last night the fire perimeter was patrolled by a strike team of engines. They utilized handheld infra-red cameras to scour the landscape along the perimeter of the fire for any threatening hot spots. Infrared cameras are used to reveal heat sources buried deep in the ground. Upon discovery, the spots are flagged for the night crews to work on and the next day shift to double check and completely extinguish. This is the pick and shovel work that is necessary to keep the fire from rekindling later this summer. Today, crews will continue mopping-up all smokes within 150 ft of structures located within and adjacent to the fire. Fallers are working to fall all dangerous trees within 300 ft of the fire line for safety and to prevent spotting outside the fire perimeter. Other crews will be tasked with bringing in excess equipment and hose from the fire line to be returned to the Redmond Fire Cache and made available to other incidents. The fire remains 20,026 acres and is 65% contained.

A heat wave is in store over the next several days, and excessive heat watches are in effect Wednesday through Thursday. Afternoon temperatures will rise into the 90s and relative humidity will lower into the teens on Tuesday. Winds will be 10 mph or less from the north. A few dust devils are also expected Tuesday afternoon. Fire managers are planning accordingly to keep enough firefighters on this incident to prevent it from rekindling.


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