Discarded Cigarette Cause of Milepost 6 Fire

CENTRAL OREGON – An official investigation of the 1,500 acre Milepost 6 Fire from August 17 has determined the fire was ignited by a carelessly thrown cigarette along Hwy 26, six miles south of Madras. This human started fire was in addition to over 50 other fires reported in Central Oregon after a thunderstorm on the evening of August 16. We need all of our resources to respond to the fires we can’t prevent – and everyone to help prevent the ones we can.

Central Oregon Fire Management Service (COFMS) asks our communities and all visitors to our area: please be fire cautious. Smoke only inside a vehicle or insure there is no flammable vegetation close to where you are smoking and never throw cigarettes out of a car window. At all times, extinguish cigarettes and dispose of them in appropriate ashtrays or receptacles. Enjoy campfires only in designated campgrounds, check your trailer chains to make sure they are not dragging, if you are target shooting or hunting ensure you have an adequate backstop void of vegetation and please do not park your vehicle on dry grass!

While we may never know who littered this cigarette to hold them accountable for this fire, we know that we can prevent wildfires by being cautious and diligent about extinguishing our ignitions during fire season. Remember, as Smokey says: ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires.

For current wildfire information, follow us on Twitter @CentralORFire or check the Central Oregon Fire Information website: https://centraloregonfire.org/


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