Holiday Farm Fire Update, September 26

Springfield, Ore. –  All evacuation levels have been lifted on the Holiday Farm Fire, which is now 45 percent contained.

Hazard tree and debris removal will continue along Highway 126, but motor vehicle traffic will be allowed through with a pilot car along a 10-mile stretch between mileposts 28 and 38.

While some damaged trees have been removed, ODOT says a second and possibly third round of tree removal will occur as more trees die from fire damage. Property owners may find that more trees will be removed over the next weeks and months.

For more information regarding road closures and delays, visit https://www.oregon.gov/odot/Pages/Wildfire.aspx or www.tripcheck.com.  

Lingering showers will keep the fire damp today, but a turn to dry, warm weather is on the horizon.

Incident meteorologist Tom Wright says that light northwest winds will develop this afternoon and begin to dry out ridgetops throughout the fire area. Warm east winds will return to the area beginning Sunday that will also start a warming trend with temperatures in the low to mid 80’s. Hot, dry and breezy conditions out of the northeast are expected to continue through Wednesday.

Fire crews have been blessed with favorable weather the past three days that has allowed close access to the fire’s edge when building direct fire lines. Much of the line construction work remains on the east side of the fire with heavy mop-up taking place throughout.

Fire suppression repair is also underway in many areas. Ground forces will begin placing water bars along bulldozer and hand lines to prevent erosion and water runoff into streams during the rainy season.

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