Beachie Creek Fire & Riverside Update, October 2

Weather and Fire Behavior: Smoke from California along with stagnant air are causing the foggy and hazy conditions and more smoke visible at lower elevations.  Marine air is producing some fog, but it is expected to clear as the day progresses. Temperatures are likely to remain around the high 70’s to low 80’s. Fire behavior will likely be minimal and consist of smoldering and some creeping.  

Riverside Fire: Firefighters continued checking for heat and mopping-up around residential areas.  Suppression repair work is ongoing as future repair needs are being assessed.  Aerial bucket water drops were done around the Ripplebrook area and there were no 9-1-1 calls reporting smoke or hot spots.  There has been a significant reduction in fire activity, but efforts will still stay focused on checking for heat and connecting dozer lines with handlines.  Crews are identifying areas to be mopped-up and suppression repair work needing to be completed.  

Beachie Creek Fire: On the southern perimeter, firefighters are working from east to west with hand held infrared devices to detect and extinguish areas of heat.  Suppression repair work continued with the help of Resource Advisors. Firefighters responded to 9-1-1 calls reporting smoke within the fire perimeter, but the number of calls were down from the previous day. Additional efforts on the fire included road grading work and cold trailing.  Cold trailing is physically walking and feeling by hand the edge of the fire area where active fire stopped and checking that smoldering is entirely cold and out. Firefighters will continue patrol, monitor, and mop-up operations in areas of need.  Suppression repair in the Molalla area is ongoing. Where excavators cannot be utilized, crews will stabilize slopes and spread vegetation by hand. 

Riverside Fire Information Officer

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