Archie Creek & Thielsen October 9, 2020

Archie Creek: 131,542 acres
Thielsen: 9,975 acres
CAUSE: unknown for both fires
FIRE INFORMATION: (971) 334-7674
[email protected]
INCIWEB: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7176/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ArchieCreekThielsenFireInfo/

The Archie Creek Fire is east of Roseburg in the North Umpqua corridor on state, private, and federal land. The Thielsen Fire is located five miles north of Crater Lake near Diamond Lake on federal lands. Clouds will build throughout the day, with a slight chance of rain by this evening. Widespread rainfall will begin early tomorrow morning and continue through the day. There is a possibility of a rain/snow mix tomorrow night at higher elevations.

Yesterday’s Operations:

Archie Creek – Firefighters continued mop-up, patrol and suppression repair. Crews also conducted hazard tree mitigation, particularly in the southeast area of the fire. A flare-up occurred near Zig Zag Creek, and helicopters dropped water on the area. Crews began backhaul in some divisions, which entailed removing supplies and equipment from the fireline. This equipment, put in place for holding

fireline, will be taken back to camp, repacked, and sent out to other fires. The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team continued assessment of postwildfire environmental conditions.

Thielsen – The fire continued to smolder and creep in large stumps and deep duff. Fire crews conducted mop-up and suppression repair along containment lines.

Today’s Operations:

Archie Creek – Firefighters will continue to mop-up, patrol and conduct suppression repair work. Hazard tree mitigation will continue in the southeast area of the fire. Smoke will continue to be visible from the fire area today, particularly in the southeast. Crews will continue backhaul operations throughout

the fire area, moving supplies and equipment from firelines back to base camp. The BAER team will continue assessing post-wildfire environmental conditions and determining appropriate mitigation actions needed to restore damaged natural resources.

Thielsen – Mop-up and suppression repair will continue along containment lines, and firefighters will continue improving a shaded fuel break along Forest Road 60. Forest Road 005, near North Diamond, will remain closed today while crews cut hazard trees.

Safety Message & Help for Fire Victims:

Please stay out of fire closure areas for your safety and that of the firefighters. Be aware of heavy equipment and increased traffic in the area. Smoke will be present today. Visit the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality at https://www.oregon.gov/deq for Air Quality information. Rain may be heavy over the next 48 hours. Be cautious driving in low visibility and wet conditions. Disaster aid, and organizations helping victims of the Archie Creek Fire, can be found at https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/7176/57029/.

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