Riverside & Beachie Creek Fires Update, October 13

General Information: Field work on both the Beachie and Riverside Fires continues to be repairing of fire lines, patrolling and mop-up.  Area closures are in place, which is necessary for the safety of firefighters and the public.  Recent winds and rains continue to weaken trees, increasing the danger of them falling. Wet roads create unsafe driving and working conditions for all.  

Weather and Fire Behavior: Showers and winds are expected today and will give way to high pressure and more seasonal weather.  Temperatures will rise and winds will subside over the next few days creating better conditions for accessing the fire area and completing suppression repair.  The recent wet weather will keep fire behavior to limited creeping and smoldering.  Wet conditions can make it difficult and unsafe for firefighters to continue fire suppression repair work.   

Riverside Fire: Heavy equipment and suppression repair work will still be limited by recent rains but a drying trend will increase opportunities after today.     

Beachie Creek Fire: Heavy equipment work will be accomplished if conditions allow.  Hand crews remain to work on fire suppression repair work where it is safe to do so.  

Evacuations: Current evacuation information for: Marion County is available at www.co.marion.or.us/Alerts?AlertId=83 or by calling 503-588-5032, and for Linn County is available at www.linnsheriff.org/fire_live_updates_sept_2020/ or by calling 541-812-2260. 

Closures:Multiple forest and area closures remain in effect for the safety of firefighters and the public.  For the most up to date information, see the following websites:   

After Wildfire Resources: For information regarding assistance after a wildfire about timber salvage, landowner assistance and replanting see the following website: https://www.oregon.gov/odf/fire/Pages/afterafire.aspx 

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