Lookout, Bedrock, Petes Lake, Horse Creek, and Pothole Fires

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 – Morning Update

Current Status:
Lookout Fire: Size: 25,515 acres l Start Date: August 5 l Cause: Lightning l Containment: 50%
Bedrock Fire: Size: 31,590 acres l Start Date: July 22 l Cause: under investigation l Containment: 98%
Petes Lake Fire: Size: 3,086 acres l Start Date: August 25 l Cause: Lightening l Containment: 0%
Horse Creek Fire: Size: 763 acres l Start Date: August 24 l Cause: Lightning l Containment: 100%
Pothole Fire: Size: 109 acres l Start Date: August 25 l Cause: Lightning l Containment: 100%
Total Personnel: 943 Total Assigned Resources: 34 engines l 14 crews l 11 dozers l 28 water tenders l 12 masticators l 8 helicopters

Suppression: Fire suppression involves a deliberate, risk informed approach specific to each fire, from direct firefighting to shaded fuel breaks and aerial support. The Petes Lake Fire is burning in a wilderness area where terrain and access make direct attack difficult to put firefighters on the ground. Therefore, an indirect suppression approach is being used. Fire managers have initiated strategies that focus on proactive and preventative measures to safeguard potential values at risk should the Petes Lake Fire experience unlikely fire growth. These measures, designed to enhance future resiliency, include a 9.7-mile shaded fuel break and a structure protection plan for 110 commercial and residential buildings to the east of the Cascade Lakes Highway. Both the shaded fuel break and the structure protection plan are complete.

Suppression Repair: With the ongoing process of suppression repair around the fires, resource advisors, who are experts in natural resources, guide the rehabilitation of suppression actions. Resource advisors assess potential impacts of firefighting activities on natural and cultural resources and recommend ways to minimize these impacts during suppression efforts. Their repair plan outlined 29 miles of dozer line for rehabilitation around the Bedrock Fire, of which, crews are almost 50 percent complete. Hand crews restore sensitive areas, while dozers are utilized for road repair. To further bolster safety, a process known as ‘snagging’ is underway, involving the removal of dead and fire weakened trees or ‘snags’ along forest road FR18 thru Fall Creek drainage. This proactive measure aims to create safer working conditions for crews and facilitates access for the Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) Teams tasked with assessing the aftermath of the wildfire.

Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER): BAER Teams are deployed post-fire to assess and address immediate risks and rehabilitation needs within the burned area. Currently, the BAER Team started work on the Bedrock Fire on September 11. Evaluating factors like soil stability, water quality, and the potential for post-fire hazards, such as flooding. They are now working on a comprehensive assessment report, expected by September 21, to guide emergency rehabilitation efforts that would reduce these post-fire risks. Subsequently, their focus will shift to the Lookout Fire.

Weather: Cooler conditions will prevail today due to a weak, dry cold front. While increased cloud cover at night contribute to higher relative humidity levels. This cooling trend is expected to persist through the week accompanied by potential rain within the next 72 hours. The combination of these cooler and wetter conditions, is expected to moderate fire behavior.

Linn County Evacuations: Visit the website for current evacuations: https://www.linnsheriff.org/wildfire_live_updates.

Lane County Evacuations: Visit the website for current evacuations: https://www.lanecountyor.gov/cms/one.aspx?pageId=19729054.

Deschutes County Evacuations: Visit the website for current evacuations: www.deschutes.org/emergency.

Forest Closures: Emergency closure orders remain in place for these national forests. These closures can be found at: Willamette National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/willamette/alerts-notices/?aid=61574 and Deschutes National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/deschutes/alerts-notices/?aid=82845. Information on Oregon hunting regulations and these forest closures, contact Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at (503) 947-6000 or visit https://myodfw.com.

Restrictions: Fire Restrictions are in place on the Willamette and Deschutes National Forest. For more information, visit the Willamette National Forest or the Deschutes National Forest website. Temporary Flight Restrictions remain in place over the Bedrock and Lookout Fire areas.

Smoke Outlook: https://outlooks.wildlandfiresmoke.net/outlook/4c92bc1a The Fire and Smoke Map (fire.airnow.gov) is another source for air quality information.

Fire Information:
Email: [email protected]
Lookout, Horse Creek, and Pothole Fire Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LookoutFire2023 Bedrock Fire Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedrockFire2023/
Petes Lake Fire Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PetesLakeFireInfo
Lookout, Horse Creek, and Pothole Fire Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident-information/orwif-lookout-fire
Bedrock Fire Inciweb: https://inciweb.wildfire.gov/incident-information/orwif-bedrock-fire
Petes Lake Fire Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident-information/orwif-petes-lake-fire

Fire Information Phone Line: 541-215-6735 (staffed 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

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